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Latino Daily News

Friday August 3, 2012

Another Stumble for Spain’s King Juan Carlos (VIDEO)

Another Stumble for Spain’s King Juan Carlos (VIDEO)

Photo: Spain's King Juan Carlos Stumbles

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King Juan Carlos of Spain took a nasty spill while reviewing the military troops in Madrid suffering a bump on the nose.

The embarrassing trip-up left the monarch sprawled out in front of the troops he was reviewing while photographers clicked away.  Showing his fighting spirit the 74-year-old monarch returned later in the afternoon for a photo op with the country’s military leaders.

This latest stumble comes after the King’s spill in Africa in April, while on safari.  The incident, though leaving him with a fractured hip, was more damaging to his reputation.  The trip was viewed as poorly timed and insensitive in light of Spain’s severe recession and high unemployment.  He also received a diss from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) when he was removed as the conservation group’s honorary president. 

The picture of the monarch with rifle in hand and a dead elephant as an ornament did not endear him to his country or organizations trying to preserve endangered animals.

Last year, Juan Carlos was also photographed with facial injuries that according to the Telegraph resulted from ‘slamming into a door.’