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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 25, 2011

Another Murder Victim by Narcos in Mexico Linked to Use of Social Media

Another Murder Victim by Narcos in Mexico Linked to Use of Social Media

Photo: Nuevo Laredo Police on Patrol

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The decapitation murder of Marisol Macias Castañeda is being linked to her web postings on a social network in Mexico making it the third such killing.

Castañeda is believed to have been killed by the vicious Zeta drug cartel for her postings on a popular social network ‘Nuevo Laredo en Vivo’ or Nuevo Laredo Live.  The network is used as a tip hotline for Mexican authorities on the goings on of cartels.  Tipsters like Castañeda would provide police with tips on where possible drug drops of would be or provide names of cartel members and where they might be hiding out in this border region close to Texas.

Her body was found on the side of a road with her head prominently placed on a nearby stone with a message attached.  The message translated to English read: 

Nuevo Laredo en Vivo and social networking sites, I’m The Laredo Girl, and I’m here because of my reports, and yours,” the message read. “For those who don’t want to believe, this happened to me because of my actions, for believing in the army and the navy. Thank you for your attention, respectfully, Laredo Girl…ZZZZ.”

Castañeda’s log in name to the social network was indeed ‘La Nena de Laredo’ or Laredo Girl.  It is not known how the Zetas, who are believed to be the killers, found out who she was or what kind of postings she made to enraged them.

Castañeda worked at a local border newspaper, Nuevo Laredo, but she held an administrative position there and did not cover the cartels and narco killings that dominant in the region.