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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 23, 2010

Another Mexican Grupero Musician Executed in Mexico (VIDEO)

Well known Mexican Grupero musician, Fabian Ortega Piñon was killed in Chihuahua, Mexico in the town of Guerrero.  The 28 year-old singer’s body was found with two other unidentified bodies and were bullet-ridden.

Piñon, also known as the “Falcon of the Sierra”, had recorded over 40 albums that included several ‘narcocorridos’, ballads about the drug traffickers life and ways.  He himself had been implicated with drug traffickers back in 2009 when he was arrested for possession of crystal meth and assault rifles in the company of drug cartel chief Teodoro Simental.

One of his best known songs “Puros huevos y frijoles” (Only scrambled eggs and beans) is a narcocorrido explaining why the poor choose a life of drug trafficking as a means to a better life and to gain respect. 

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