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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 18, 2011

Another Drug Tunnel Between Mexico & U.S. Found in Arizona

U.S. Immigration agents and Border Patrol have located another drug tunnel running between the U.S. and Mexico this week.  The tunnel is small by comparison to the tunnel found several days ago that was 980-feet long.

This tunnel operating out of Nogales, Arizona into Mexico was 90 feet long with 45 feet of it operating in Mexico.  It was 3 x 3 feet wide and was located 4 ½ feet below street level.  The opening of the tunnel was located on a pedestrian street and was covered by a piece of concrete.

Law enforcement agents found the tunnel when they were following several men in a pick-up truck acting suspiciously – those men were later found to have almost 3,000 lbs of marijuana on them that they apparently got out of the tunnel. 

Almost 60 tunnels have been found in this border city alone since 2008.