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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 16, 2011

ANOTHER Ché Guevara Diary Published in Cuba

ANOTHER Ché Guevara Diary Published in Cuba

Photo: New Ché Guevara Diary Published

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“Diary of a Combatant” is a series of notebooks in terrible handwriting, that editors were able to decipher into a peek into late 50’s Cuba, and a Castro fresh in power.

Mrs. Aleida March, Ché Guevara’s widow, said she wanted to publish the diaries “to show his work, his thoughts, his life, so that the Cuban people and the entire world get to know him and don’t distort things anymore.”

The new book is loaded with the Doctor and Guerrilla Commander’s impressions of three years worth of campaigning that resulted in the ousting of then Cuban president Fulgencio Batista, and Fidel Castro taking over power.

“Diary of a Combatant was was launched in Havana on Tuesday—which would have been Guevara’s 83rd birthday.