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Latino Daily News

Friday January 4, 2013

Anonymous Take on Government Websites in Guatemala

Anonymous Take on Government Websites in Guatemala

Photo: Anonymous Take on Government Websites in Guatemala

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The hacker-activist group Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacks this week on the Web sites of Guatemala’s executive and legislative branches.

Anonymous members targeted the official Internet portals to protest politicians’ waste and plunder of public resources, the group said in a video posted on YouTube.

“As part of our commitment to the people of Guatemala we have carried out for three days the operation called OpDemocraciaGT, which is the result of seeing how the government of our country capriciously handles the Guatemalan patrimony,” a spokesperson said on the video clip.

Anonymous threatened to “invade” Guatemalan cyberspace if President Otto Perez Molina does not govern in the interest of the people and fails to clamp down on official corruption.

The Web site of the Guatemalan government was functioning normally again Thursday after an interruption, while work to restore service on congressional site was ongoing.

The hacktivists urged Guatemalan authorities not to waste time looking for them.

“(Y)ou already know that you won’t find us,” Anonymous said.