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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 30, 2011

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Kidnapped by Zeta’s, Group Threatens to Reveal Narco’s Corrupt Allies

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Kidnapped by Zeta’s, Group Threatens to Reveal Narco’s Corrupt Allies

Photo: 'Anonymous' Hacker Kidnapped in Mexico by Zetas

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In a one-of-kind move that is full of bravado and boldness the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ is threatening the vicious Mexican narco cartel Los Zetas.  Allegedly one of the international hacker’s from “Anonymous” was kidnapped by the Zetas in Veracruz.

While kidnapping by the Zetas is unfortunately quit common, the Zetas are not use to being threatened for doing so. An Internet video posted by ‘Anonymous’ has threatened the cartel with exposure of their corrupt allies in the Mexican police force, government and news media.

The vicious narcos, whose crime trade mark’s are decapitations and skinning of victims, aren’t expected to take the threat lightly.  ‘Anonymous’ gave the Zetas until November 5, to release the unidentified kidnap victim or they would release names, photos and property of their allies. 

Apparently the ‘Anonymous’ member was kidnapped according to the global intelligence firm Stratfor during a “street level protest named Operation Paperstorm in Veracruz.”

Stratfor is predicting only more violence can come from this situation. “If Anonymous carries out its threat, it will almost certainly lead to the deaths of individuals named as cartel associates, whether or not the information released is accurate. Furthermore, as Mexican cartels have targeted online journalists and bloggers in the past, hackers could well be targeted for reprisal attacks.”