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Latino Daily News

Monday November 7, 2011

‘Anonymous’ Forgets About Zetas, Attacks El Salvador, Colombia

‘Anonymous’ Forgets About Zetas, Attacks El Salvador, Colombia

Photo: Anonymous

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Hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ cancelled their Nov. 5th Operation against the Zeta Cartel, but their attacks on Latin American Governments, Police institutions and Ministries persist.

Internet hacker group ‘Anonymous’ cancelled their weekend plans to attack Facebook, and expose the government and police who have links of the Zetas cartel, according to statements published in the “Anonymous Iberoamérica” blog.

Anonymous said their #OperationCartel posed unnecessary risks for civilians, as the terrorist group threatened to murder innocent people for every contact the group made public.

Furthermore, the Anonymous member that had been allegedly kidnapped by the Zetas was released, and Anonymous reports say the released Anon has already fled Veracruz.

In an unexpected twist, Anonymous Iberoamérica published a post yesterday accusing a Mexican Government Intelligence agent of instigating Anons carry out #OpCartel regardless; The hackers analyzed IP address information of a particularly incendiary chat user, and found its location to be www.cisen.gob.mx, Mexico’s intelligence Agency. Click on the transcript below to enlarge.


Instead of exposing the Zetas or taking down Facebook over the weekend, Anonymous launched ‘#Operation JusticeElSalvador’ attacking the websites of El Salvador’s presidency and government ministries.

The website of the presidency was taken offline after it was bombarded with 30 million hits on Saturday. Websites for the legislative assembly, the national civil police and the ministries of justice, economics and labor were also targeted this past weekend.

On Monday, the hacktivists launched #OpLey30, targeting the Colombian Education Ministry’s website; the operation takes its name from a controversial proposal to reform education laws in ways beneficial for business, but detrimental to education.

Take a look at the tweet feed below for more news about Anonymous and their operations.