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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 22, 2012

Anonymous Disables Guanajuato Websites to Protest Papal Visit

Anonymous Disables Guanajuato Websites to Protest Papal Visit

Photo: Anonymous disables Guanajuato's government websites

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The hacker group Anonymous disabled both Guanajuato’s government website and the Mexican site for Pope Benedict XVI in protests to his visit to Mexico.

In the operation, titled “Pharisee”, the group of hackers announced a series of demonstrative actions to display to the public their position in protesting the Pope’s visit.

Besides disabling these sites, some of the hackers also spread the word through social networking sites such as Twitter through the username @MexicanH.

“No to the Pope’s visit http://www.guanajuato.gob.mx Hacked #OpFariseo”, was posted to further motivate the public to support their notions as well as to gain national attention according to reports.

Guanjuato’s web page was rebooted within minutes of the attack, and was completely normalized. However, the damage was done because the group spread their message on the hacked portal which also criticized the Pope and accused him of stirring political corruption within the country.

Anonymous asserted that they would continue attacking sites throughout the day.

The pope arrives tomorrow in Mexico and then will visit Cuba, it is his first trip to Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.