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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 20, 2011

Animapocalypse Continues with Squid and Octopus Die Offs (VIDEO)

Animapocalypse Continues with Squid and Octopus Die Offs (VIDEO)

Photo: The latest victims of the wave of mass animal deaths: Octopi

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Thousands of octopi have washed ashore in a 5 mile stretch of beaches in northern Portugal.

The causes of this environmental disaster are not yet known.

In addition, the remains of a massive 20ft. octopus washed ashore in Bahamas on January 19. Scientists have not linked his death to the ones in Portugal, but have said that if any more octopi are found, they will test their remains for the cause.

Small animals all over the world have been dying in mass. Birds and fish have been documented to have died by the hundreds at the time. Brazil reported over two million fish washing ashore in one coastal city at the time.

No link between the episodes has been established, as they have happened within thousands of miles of each other, and in random locations spread through every continent, with several events in the U.S, Sweden, Colombia, Brazil and New Zealand.