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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 4, 2011

Animal Rights Protesters Take Over Madrid Protesting Fur Industry

Animal Rights Protesters Take Over Madrid Protesting Fur Industry

Photo: Fur Protest Madrid

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About 100 activists with the international non-profit organization AnimaNaturalis stripped naked on Sunday in downtown Madrid to protest the activities of the fur industry.

During the demonstration, which was held on the central Plaza de España, the protesters painted their bodies red to appear “bloodstained” and denounced the fact that each year more than 60 million animals are “brutally murdered” for their skins and pelts, which are made into garments, the head of AnimaNaturalis España, Aida Gascon, told Efe.

The organization is denouncing the fact that minks, ferrets, foxes, rabbits, seals, otters, cattle, chinchillas - and in China even dogs and cats - “are murdered to convert their pelts into garments or fashion accessories.”

This is the seventh consecutive year in which AnimaNaturalis España has organized this protest, the aim of which is to attract consumers’ attention and invite them to dress using fabrics that are not of animal origin, such as cotton, linen, microfiber and others.

According to AnimaNaturalis, in recent years, social awareness of animal suffering in general has been rising, and in particular people have been gaining awareness of this type of industrial use of animals.

Recently, the organization said, the California city of West Hollywood decided to prohibit the sale of articles made of animal pelts, while countries such as Brazil are on the verge of approving measures to penalize the use of fur in fashion events.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, fur industry farms are already illegal, and in The Netherlands, for example, the importation of products derived from seals has already been prohibited.