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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 13, 2011

Ancient Shipwreck Found in Dominican Republic, Possibly the Oldest (VIDEO)

A Utah based company has found gold coins, jade statues, and ancient Mayan jewelry, which suggests the ancient shipwreck by the Dominican Republic, might be the oldest know. Image

“This is the history and the birthplace of America and here we are lucky enough to finding the shipwrecks from that time era,” said Wilf Blum, president of Deep Blue Marine.

ImageThe shipwreck off the coast of the Dominican Republic, is believed to have sunk only a few years after Christopher Colombus first set foot in the Americas.

“We found some old fella in town that was selling a coin,” said Captain William Rawson. “I bought the coin from him and we looked in a book and found it was one of the oldest coins ever minted in the new world!”

Rawson and his crew visited the site where the old man liked to dive, and little by little unearthed the 450 year old shipwreck.

“We found these two mirrors made out of iron pyrite. And they’ve been lying on the ocean floor for 450 years, but you can still take and turn them and see your face in them,” said Rawson.

50% of whatever the team finds, will stay with the Dominican Republic government.  With their cut, Deep Blue Marine has built a museum in the Dominican Republic and plans to put their findings on display.

Other items will be auctioned.