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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 8, 2013

Amnesty International Applauds Release of 2 Mexican Journalists

Amnesty International Applauds Release of 2 Mexican Journalists

Photo: Gustavo Ruiz Lizarraga and Pavel Alejandro Primo

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Amnesty International praised the release on bail of Mexican journalists Gustavo Ruiz Lizarraga and Pavel Alejandro Primo, who were arrested while covering teachers’ protests in this capital against President Enrique Peña Nieto’s education overhaul.

They were freed Friday morning along with four other activists who had been arrested during the demonstrations, the London-based human rights group said, adding that one other person remains in custody.

AI sources told Efe, however, that the journalists still faced several charges, including resisting arrest, and called on authorities to ensure they be granted due process.

The rights group also demanded an explanation for Sunday’s arrests, saying that, based on publicly released video footage, they appeared to have been detained while carrying out their “legitimate work.”

Ruiz Lizarraga, a photographer with the alternative news agency SubVersiones, was shoved into a police wagon while filming police arresting protesters, Reporters Without Borders, the Paris-based group known by the initials RSF, said Tuesday.

Before being taken into custody, he handed his camera to a colleague and the video footage he captured “provided evidence of the police abuses and disproved the accusations that have been made against the detained journalists,” the watchdog said in a statement.

RSF called then for the release of Ruiz Lizarraga, Primo and two other reporters identified as Estela Morales and Alejandro Amado Fraustro.

AI, however, did not mention those latter two individuals by name in its press release.