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Latino Daily News

Monday December 27, 2010

Sheriff Arpaio Mandatory Christmas Sing-a-Long Announces a Winner (UPDATE)

Sheriff Arpaio Mandatory Christmas Sing-a-Long Announces a Winner (UPDATE)

Photo: Sheriff Arpaio Mandatory Christmas Sing-a-Long Announces a Winner

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UPDATE:  Jodi Arias, a 30 year old inmate held on a $2,000,000 bond for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, was the winner of the sing-a-long competition. She and her cellmates enjoyed a turkey dinner, christmas cookies, and received stockings full of goodies donated by local Arizona charities at the suggestion of america’s Toughest Sheriff and staunch anti-immigrant crusader, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.Image

The contest was judged by Arpaio, Santa Claus and “Elfis” the singing detention officer.

Jodi Arias is a 30-year-old California woman accused of the June 9, 2008, murder of her ex-boyfriend, 29-year-old motivational speaker Travis Alexander.

Arias claims she is innocent, but overwhelming forensic evidence place her (naked) at the crime scene on the day of the murder which prompted officials to charge her with first-degree murder.  Alexander was stabbed 27 times and shot in the head, by two intruders who interrupted the couple’s sex-tape production - according to the singing beauty’s alibi. 

Arias’s DNA was found at the scene in the form of a bloody left hand print, and a camera containing six pictures were recovered from the washing machine also containing bloody sheets.

Arias is waiting for trial, that is expected to start earlier next year.. 


ORIGINAL STORY:  Joe Arpaio, America’s Toughest Sheriff is currently under investigation by the FBI, the Department of Justice and a Federal Grand Jury for civil rights violations, and abuse of power, as well as being the defendant in a federal class-action suit for racial profiling. Yet none of this is stopping his play-by-my- rules-way even during the holiday season. 

Arpaio is also being sued by disgruntled inmates fed-up with Arpaio’s 12-hour Christmas daily tune marathons that are piped into prisoner’s cells. Reportedly, Alvin and the Chipmunks are a personal favorite of the tough sheriff; but as any human over the age of five that has a fairly good hearing will tell you, more than fifteen seconds of Alvin and the Chipmunks is nauseating, and playing hours of their material to anyone, is just plain torture.

Now, the Ruthless sheriff who made inmates wear pink underwear is making news, yet again. This time, he has organized a caroling contest among the inmates, promising a proper Christmas dinner to the winner.

Runner-ups (because, hey, there are no losers in caroling) will be treated to the traditional holiday meal with all the fixings instead of the the $0.14 dinner they typically receive from the taxpayers.