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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 17, 2010

“America Eres Tu” debuts on Radio Viva 900 AM - A Conservative Hispanic Show

New on the Washington airwaves, conservative Tito Munoz (50) is an effort by a group called the Conservative Hispanic Coalition.
“Bienvenidos a ‘America Eres Tu,’ ” he says, welcome to “America Is You.” “We Latinos are the largest minority in the United States. We must take our place in history and preserve the vision of the Founding Fathers of this nation.” Los Padres de la Patria! His tone deepens with emotion. “It’s our duty and our responsibility. Because we are America . . . ”

The Hispanic Conservatism movement has a fantastic hurdle in trying to sell the Republican Immigration Policy. Leading GOP conservatives are pushing some very tough anti illegal immigration policies. Hispanic Conservatives feel they need to explain the core values of conservatism so that many will see the many values they share with the party.
Hispanic conservatives do condemn the most extreme anti immigrant views but do not support a blanket amnesty program for illegal immigrants. They are pro-life, support small government and do not want to live off the government.

The first show of “America Eres Tu” has lots of talk (in Spanish) of the value of college, the importance of learning English and guests with uplififting stories of their history in America.
“You just need the will, the desire and the guts!” Muñoz says. When a caller calls in complaining about the barriers Latinos face and the anti-immigration atmosphere, Munoz responds” I disagree that people are trying to take away your dream,” he says. “The dream is yours. You make the dream. You follow it. You achieve it.”
Munoz has his phone number on his Face book page where he boasts of 3500 friends. The pressure to appeal to the Hispanic population will only increase as the two parties begin to prepare for 2012.


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