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Latino Daily News

Monday April 21, 2014

Amazon River Tour Boat Sinks, Leaving 2 Dead and 3 Missing

Patrol boats belonging to the navies of Peru and Colombia on Monday are seeking three people who have been missing for nearly two days since a tourist boat sank on a stretch of the Amazon River that runs through the Peruvian region of Loreto, authorities said.

Seventeen-year-old Carol Milagros Majipo Perez and an as-yet-unidentified woman died when the boat carrying 20 people hit a submerged tree trunk and foundered. Some of the missing passengers are said to be minors.

Participating in the search operations are the river patrol boat Rio Putumayo and Colombian navy patrol vessels, Peru’s navy told the official Andina news agency.

The Flipper II set sail on Saturday afternoon from the Amazon port of Iquitos en route for the town of Santa Rosa - both of which are located in Peru - with two crew members and 18 passengers, including six foreign nationals from Russia, India, the United States, Chile and Colombia.

The boat sank in the vicinity of Boca Cacao, near a tourist area on the Colombian side of the border, and so the initial rescue operations were conducted by tourism vessels from that country and small Peruvian water craft.

On Sunday afternoon, a Colombian patrol boat arrived in the area to pick up the 12 rescued passengers, including all the foreigners, as well as the two crew members.


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