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Latino Daily News

Monday July 26, 2010

Amazon Indians Seize Brazilian Power Plant Demanding Justice

Hundreds of Amazon Indians took over a hydro electric power plant under construction on Sunday that is being developed on their land when talks failed between the Indians and government officials on proper compensatio.  The Indians took some 100 employees hostage, using hand made bow and arrows, of the Aguas de Pedro power company in Aripuana, Brazil in an effort to obtain the attention of government environmental officials in their demand for $5.6Million compensation.  No one has been reported injured.

300 Indians from different tribes participated in the seizure with the stated goal of securing proper compensation for loss of hunting and burial ground and the ensuing environmental impact the dam will have when it goes live in January, 2011.  There have been numerous protests and legal battles over President Luiz Lula da Silva plans to build a dozen power plants in the region.  The largest one, Belo Monte, is expected to flood 400 square kilometers of Amazon with water. 


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