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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 12, 2011

Alfonso Herrera Turns to Acting in “El Diez”

Alfonso Herrera Turns to Acting in “El Diez”

Photo: Alfonso Herrera

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Former RBD lead singer Alfonso Herrera will play the soccer player at the center de “El Diez” (The Ten), the first original scripted series on Spanish-language sports cable network ESPN Deportes.

“Poncho,” as his fans call him, is a hopeless lover of the “most beautiful sport in the world.”

“I’m committed not only to the sport but also to the fans,” he told Efe during a telephone interview.

Filmed in Mexico City, “El Diez” tells the story of Salvador “Chava” Espinoza, a young soccer player from Jalisco state who becomes a star overnight.

The enticements of the world’s top soccer clubs, the adoration of fans and the temptations of fame are serious tests of Chava’s character.

“The story is really interesting and it’s what attracted me to this project, because Chava may be a simple guy, but the temptations he faces aren’t that simple. The fact that he’s good at soccer is both a blessing and a curse,” the 28-year-old actor said.

Herrera launched his career in 2002 with the film “Amar Te Duele” (Loving Hurts You) and that same year achieved stardom with a role in the teenage telenovela “Clase 406” (Class 406). A year later he joined the music group RBD.

“Fortunately, fame hasn’t muddled me, because I’m always surrounded by my family and my friends - and that helps me keep my feet on the ground. Fame is an illusion,” he said.