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Latino Daily News

Friday July 29, 2011

Alan García Steps Down, Skips Humala’s Inauguration (VIDEO)

Alan García Steps Down, Skips Humala’s Inauguration (VIDEO)

Photo: Alan García

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Choosing to go against tradition, Past President Alan García didn’t appear before congress, nor was he present at the future president’s inauguration.

“I leave behind a resolute and hard working country, confident of its future. […] Allow me to remind you, we are triumphing before the world” said García before asking Peruvians to support Ollanta Humala “so jobs and justice are affirmed”.

García didn’t attend Humala’s inauguration in congress. He said he was afraid of being the object of ridicule by the opposition, as he was at the end of his first term in 1990 when he gave the band to Alberto Fujimori in front of a riotous congress who booed him, insulted him, and picketed the event.

Instead, he gave his presidential band to a military official and casually, left the event.

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