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Latino Daily News

Monday February 14, 2011

Alabama Naughty Shop’s Valentines Offer: Bring a Gun, Take a Toy! (VIDEO)

Alabama Naughty Shop’s Valentines Offer: Bring a Gun, Take a Toy! (VIDEO)

Photo: Guns for Toys promotion at "Pleasures"

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An adult store in Alabama launched a Valentine’s Day campaign offering patrons to bring in their old guns—in any state, and exchange it for a brand new bedroom toy.

“In today’s economy, this is a way of helping people who may feel they can’t afford something for Valentine’s Day,” said Sherri Williams, the owner of “Pleasures,” a drive-thru adult store in Alabama.

“This way, they can take something that’s just lying around and swap it for something they can take home and make love, not war with,” said the owner of the store in Huntsville, who until tomorrow exchanges “guns off the street for fun between the sheets.”

So bring your pocket revolver to Pleasures, and go home with a pocket rocket for pleasures.

Weapons suspected to have been stolen or used in a crime will be handed over to the authorities, while every other firearm will be auctioned off and the proceedings will be donated to victims of gun violence.

Williams admitted that the guns could be resold at auction, and could end up back on the streets, but said the effort still is worthwhile.

“We might just change one person’s mind,” she said.

“You never know, maybe there will be someone who says, ‘I’ve got this gun that I could go rob a liquor store with, or maybe I can get me a blow-up doll for Valentine’s Day, instead.”

Williams said Alabama is the last state in the U.S. to have a sex toy ban.  Williams said customers cannot purchase a sex toy unless they fill out a medical questionnaire describing the health-related reasons for their purchase.  The store gives away condoms as a public service and features an “intimacy clinic” offering weekly seminars and workshops, marriage counseling, an upscale clothing boutique and a sexual health library, packed with books penned by well-known authors in the field.