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Thursday December 8, 2011

Alabama Attorney General Recommends Changes to State’s Harsh Anti-Immigration Law

Alabama Attorney General Recommends Changes to State’s Harsh Anti-Immigration Law

Photo: Alabama Attorney General Recommends Changes to State's Harsh Anti-Immigration Law

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Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is calling for changes to his state’s controversial and harsh immigration.

The changes that he’s pushing for would require adjustments to about one third of the law’s 32 sections, and includes ending the ability to sue public officials who don’t completely enforce the law. Strange also says churches that provide aid to undocumented immigrants should be exempt from punishment, and that schools should halt schools’ collection of immigration data from those that enroll.

In a statement from Strange’s office, he stated that he was giving the opinion he was asked to provide.

His recommendations come after an embarrassing mishap during which one of the first people arrested under the new immigration law was a Mercedes-Benz executive in from Germany. The man, who was fairly high up in one of Alabama’s biggest money-makers, was thrown in jail after he was unable to provide proper documentation, as he had left it in his hotel room.

While he was eventually released once his passport and additional identification were retrieved, critics of the law were quick to point a finger at the waste of resources and time caused by the law, not to mention the issues will jailing a man you simply didn’t carry his passport around.

Still, House Speaker Mike Hubbard says that while recommendations were asked for, they any no way should lead anyone to believe that the law is going to be repealed.

“Make no mistake, the Legislature is not going to repeal this law and have Alabama become a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants,” a spokesman for Hubbard said. “Speaker Hubbard is focused on making our illegal immigration law work better, clearing up misconceptions and correcting any portions that might be vague or require additional definitions.”