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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 3, 2014

Agricultural Experts Discuss Responses to Climate Change in Mexico

Agricultural Experts Discuss Responses to Climate Change in Mexico

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Agricultural experts from Latin America and the European Union are meeting in the Mexican capital to discuss ways to improve adaptation to climate change, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture said.

The Euroclima program, carried out by the Costa Rica-based IICA and the EU’s Joint Research Centre, aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about adapting agriculture to climate change in Latin America, the institute said in a statement.

“We must provide solutions that avoid jeopardizing the population while ensuring food security and creating sustainable agriculture with technological support,” Rodolfo Lazi, deputy secretary of environmental planning and policy at Mexico’s Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat, said.

Investment in technology is essential in responding to climate change and helping to reduce the vulnerability of agriculture, Lazi said.

IICA Deputy Director Lloyd Day, meanwhile, stressed the importance of sharing experiences at the meeting, especially considering Latin America’s potential as a future global bread basket.

“There are many opportunities to improve the lives of farmers,” he said.

Stephan Vavrik, deputy head of the Delegation of the European Union to Mexico, said for his part that the Euroclima program aims to leverage best adaptation practices in Latin America and Europe and generate cooperation synergies to counteract the effects of climate change.

The IICA’s representative in Mexico, Gloria Abraham, stressed the need to reduce the severity of climate change effects and said that will require governments to redesign their public policy.

“They must rethink their production system models and adapt to new scenarios,” Abraham said.

Specialists attending the three-day meeting, which ends Wednesday, also will learn of Euroclima’s potential and scope with a view to strengthening technical cooperation on agriculture in Latin America.


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