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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 6, 2010

After 15 Years, US Citizen in Peru Granted Parole –Again

After 15 Years, US Citizen in Peru Granted Parole –Again

Photo: Lori Berenson

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US citizen Lori Berenson is serving a 20- year prison sentence in Peru for aiding Marxist rebels, was granted parole for a second time.  Berenson (40) was sentenced to life in prison after her capture in 1995 for being a member of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement. A civilian court later decreased the sentence to 20 years, Berenson denied the charges.

Berenson was granted parole in May, but Judge Jessica Leon suspended the parole in August because Police had failed to inspect the apartment in Lima where Benson would be living. Berenson returned to prison with her 17-month old son, Salvador. Prosecutors argued that Berenson was obligated to serve ¾ of her 20-year sentence before she could be considered for parole. This condition was met this week and Berenson is scheduled to be released.

A New York native and former Massachusetts Institute of Technology student, Berenson has requested that she be allowed to return to America.

President Alan Garcia said last month he is considering Berenson’s request for her sentence to be commuted so that she can return with her family to the U.S.