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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 15, 2011

AeroMexico Pilot and Co-Pilot Drunk, Stopped by Cabin Crew from Flying 101 Passengers

Two pilots from AeroMexico attempting to fly 101 passengers from Costa Rica to Mexico were stopped by concerned cabin crew members suspecting both pilots had been drinking.

Alvaro Vargas, deputy director for Civil Aviation for AeroMexico working out of Costa Rica has confirmed reports of this incident that took place Saturday.  He stated: “The situation (...) Saturday was that one of them, the co-pilot, took a [breathalyzer test] and tested positive for alcohol, while the captain objected.”

The Boeing 737 was scheduled to leave Saturday afternoon and was delayed nearly 24 hours due to the incident and until a new crew could be flown in.  The pilot and co-pilot implicated in this situation have been relieved of their duties pending an investigation. 

Some media reports in Mexico are reporting the pilots were partying seven hours before their flight time which is in violation of civil aviation rules.