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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 13, 2014

Aeromexico Cut 5.6 Percent of Employees Over Last Year

Aeromexico Cut 5.6 Percent of Employees Over Last Year

Photo: Aeromexico

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Aeromexico cut its payroll by 5.6 percent in the first half of this year, compared to the Dec. 31 figure, the Reforma newspaper reported, citing company filings with regulators.

The carrier had 12,884 employees, including hourly workers, salaried personnel and managers, as of June 30, or 768 fewer than on Dec. 31.

Management and supervisory positions were reduced from 244 to 235, while salaried jobs were cut from 4,064 to 3,857 and hourly positions were reduced from 9,344 to 8,792.

The staffing reductions are due to normal turnover, Aeromexico representatives told Reforma.

Union leaders, however, told the newspaper that the payroll cuts were due to the elimination of ground positions and the consolidation of the management teams at Aeromexico and Aeromexico Servicios.

Aeromexico offered workers a voluntary retirement program in late 2013.

Some of the employees who accepted the offer are still working for the carrier, but they are now on the payrolls of contractors.

Employees working for contractors are making about 30 percent less in wages and benefits, with employment agreements of less than one year, Reforma said.


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