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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 11, 2010

Adorable Baby Dolphin Rescued in Uruguay (VIDEO)

A baby river dolphin was rescued by citizens passing by the La Plata river in Uruguay after it was discovered by walkers on a beach near the capital, Montevideo.

The calf was suffering from injuries believed to have been caused by a fishing net.  The baby dolphin is only about ten days old, and there was no sign of his mother when he was rescued.

The use of fishing nets is a controversial debate among many people in southern South America. Oftentimes, fishermen use fishing nets improperly. When fish are caught using a net, there’s always a large amount of hatchlings and eggs that become trapped. Young fish can cause food poisoning and the killing of eggs can lead to a poor marine ecosystem in the area.

ImageThe head of the NGO “Rescate Fauna Marina” Richard Tesore, has been taking care of the baby dolphin, and giving him swimming lessons; a Magellan penguin dubbed “Pingu” is also being looked after at the center in Punta Colorada, and has taken an interest in the baby dolphin, now named “Nipper”.



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Un delfín bebé es la nueva atracción en Uruguay. El pequeño nada tranquilo en una piscina apenas unas horas después de ser rescatado.

El mamífero fue descubierto por caminantes en una playa en Punta Colorada, cerca de la capital, Montevideo. El pequeño sufría lesiones causadas por una red de pesca.

Richard Tesore, director de la reserva de fauna marina “SOS Fauna Marina” se encarga de alimentar al pequeño, que tendría 10 días de vida y es huérfano.