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Latino Daily News

Saturday August 7, 2010

Adios to Outgoing President Alvaro Uribe - Latin American Style

Was it nostalgia or was it spite? Was it bordeom? Or was it simple courtesy? Or perhaps the novelty of the service? No one knows for sure what led four Latin American Presidents to serenade the outgoing Alvaro Uribe of Colombia.  Four traditional Mexican mariachi ballads were sent to the man who led Colombia for eight years with a steady hand many say.

The leaders selected traditional ballads from Serenata4u.com that allows friends and lovers to send electronic serenades in the form of music videos. Each song is personalized with a message and two photos uploaded by the person sending them.

So, Hugo Chavez, with whom Uribe exchanged harsh words on several occasions, sent “El Rey” (The King), a selection that some may read as confrontational. A link to Hugo Chavez selection can be heard here.  Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, in a message a bit nostalgic, sent the song “Volver, Volver, Volver” (Come Back, Come Back, Come Back).  Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, with whom Uribe had border disputes, sent “Serenata Huasteca”, that contains lyrics “I really love you, can’t ever forget you”, accompanied by a photo of him playing guitar. Very weird.

The final serenade choice came from Brazil’s President Luis Inacio da Silva, Lula sent “Las Mananitas”, the traditional Mexican birthday song, which makes it an odd selection.  Lula’s video serenade was accompanied by warm praise and reflective words.

Frightening but true, we can not make this stuff up.  Nice to know they all have a sense of humor. 


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