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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 3, 2010

Ad Campaign to Launch Targeting Republican Senators Who Voted Against DREAM Act

Numerous organizations including big labor and liberal organizations are committing $300,000 for ad campaigns targeting the Republican Senators who either voted against or blocked passage of the DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act has been around in different versions for the last 10 years and saw its closing hope of passing this year.  The DREAM Act would allow a path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants that lived in the U.S. more than five years and are attending college or enrolled in the military.  Last week the bill was defeated as part of the Don’t Tell, Don’t’ Ask legislation and in spite of the Defense Department’s support.

The ads will run in Spanish in markets with a large Hispanic population like Arizona and Nevada.  $300,000 is the most ever spent on Spanish-language political ads.  The hoped for result is that Latinos will come to the polls in record numbers and oust Republicans who are against the DREAM Act and immigration reform.