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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 10, 2011

Mexican Activists Call For Continued Jail Time For French Woman

Mexican Activists Call For Continued Jail Time For French Woman

Photo: Florence Cassez find out the results of her last appeal today

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Isabel Wallace and Alejandro Marti, anti-crime activists, are demanding the continuing of Florence Cassez’s jail sentence.  A federal court in Mexico will rule on Cassaz’s last appeal today.  Cassez was charged with aiding four kidnappings in 2004 and is currently serving a 60-year sentence. 

The jailing of the French woman has been a source of contention between the French and Mexican Governments.  When French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid a visit to Mexico in 2009, he asked the country to allow the French citizen to serve the rest of her sentence in France, but after much thought Mexican President Felipe Calderon rejected the request because Sarkozy could not guarantee that Cassez would serve the full sentence. 

Cassez claims that she was not a part of the kidnappings for which she has been charged, that she was simply dating a Mexican man who was part of the kidnappers, and that she did not know that the people he brought back to her ranch had been kidnapped. 

However, one of the victims positively identified Cassez as one of the individuals responsible for her kidnapping and another suspect in the case said that the French woman assisted the group in executing the kidnappings.