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Latino Daily News

Monday December 13, 2010

Activist Dolores Huerta Joins in DREAM Act Protests in Front of Sen. McCain’s Office

Co-founder of National Farm Workers Association (which later became the Unit’s Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee) and former Cesar Chavez associate, Dolores Huerta, has joined a group of students outside Senator John McCain’s office in a fast to support the push for the DREAM Act’s passage.

With the Senate still to vote on the bill (it passed in the House 216 to 198), the fast is to draw attention to Republican Senators who are believed to be against or on the fence about the DREAM Act.

Huerta has penned a letter to McCain, urging him to support the bill and vote in its favor. As an advocate for farmworkers’ rights, Huerta has been arrested 22 times for her participation in non-violent civil disobedience activities and strikes.