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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 2, 2013

Accused Murderer Joran van der Sloot to Wed in Peru Prison

Accused Murderer Joran van der Sloot to Wed in Peru Prison

Photo: Joran van der Sloot - Peru

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Peruvian media is reporting that accused murdered Joran van der Sloot is engaged and is set to have a prison wedding to Leydi Figueroa Uceda.

Uceda is the same woman that made news when Peru media announced she gave birth to a son by van der Sloot in 2012.  The 23-year-old woman works inside the Piedras Gordas prison as a kiosk operator.  The Piedras Gordas prison allows conjugal visits for its prisoners despite the severity of their crime.

The 28-year-old Dutch native is serving a twenty-eight year prison sentence for the murder of Stephany Flores, a woman he met at a casino while in Peru in 2010.  Van der Sloot became infamous for his alleged involvement in the disappearance of American teen, Natalie Holloway, in Aruba back in 2005.  He is also wanted in the U.S. on extortion charges involving the parents of the missing high school student.

Prison officials must approve the wedding plans since they will be held inside prison grounds if approved.  Van der Sloot became eligible to become a Peruvian citizen when he fathered a Peruvian child and when he gets married.  As a Peruvian national he can fight extradition to the U.S. on those extortion charges. 

Van der Sloot is currently seeking a reduction in his sentence since according to his attorney Maximo Altez, “He is a person who has changed […] he wants to rebuild his life, he wants to be a new person, and wants the Supreme Court Peru to give him a chance.”