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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 13, 2012

AARP Surveys Needs of Older Latinos

AARP Surveys Needs of Older Latinos

Photo: AARP Latino Poll

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The next President and Congress will decide the future of Medicare and Social Security, and the candidates owe voters straight talk - not just 30 second sound-bites on some of the most critical issues facing the Hispanic community and the nation. 

Hispanic voters are ready. A new series of AARP surveys shows more than 70% of Latino voters 50 years of age and older want to know more about the candidates’ plans on Social Security and Medicare in order to decide who they will vote for on Election Day.

Perceived Greatest Needs/Concerns
of Hispanics/Latinos 50+ Today
Source: AARP, “Priority Needs and Interests of the 50+ Hispanic/Latino Community: Perpectivesd from Hispanic Oinion Shapers (October 2012)

The surveys found a few things candidates may want to make note of: Latino voters ages 50+ are looking at the coming November election with high anxiety - namely driven by economic concerns that extend well beyond the single issue of jobs. Six in ten agree Washington is trying to make too many decisions behind closed doors when it comes to Social Security and Medicare, and 95% agree that Washington needs to spend more time listening to ordinary citizens.

Social Security and Medicare are extremely important matters to many of us and it’s hard to feel certain about the future when both programs will need to be strengthened if they’re going to continue to be there for our children and grandchildren.

At AARP, we launched You’ve Earned a Say (YEAS), Tu Voz es Tu Derecho in Spanish, a national forum to bring the debate about the future of Social Security and Medicare out from behind closed doors in Washington in to the spotlight. Over than 3 million Americans have engaged with YEAS to share their thoughts about how best to protect and strengthen health and retirement security for today’s seniors and future generations, voters are clearly looking to the candidates to do the same.