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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 8, 2011

Aaron Rodgers v Mark Sánchez Feud - Who Do You Prefer?

Aaron Rodgers v Mark Sánchez Feud - Who Do You Prefer?

Photo: Aaron Rodgers VS. Mark Sánchez

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You would of thought Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, would be a little busy getting ready for tonight’s game to diss on anyone even if Latin hottie Mark Sanchez was asking for it.  Apparently it was Sanchez’s GQ Magazine spread that irked the Super Bowl Champ enough to comment on a local talk show, viewing the pictures and interview as “embarrassing.” 

Sanchez retorted that he was getting use to the teasing about the ‘metrosexual’ photos so he didn’t care.  But hell we do. 

Rodgers didn’t especially like “page 94” that features Sanchez with skin tight white pants (possible a woman’s pair of pants??) with a black & white wife beater shirt.  If that wasn’t bad enough the dead animal fur coat he’s toting doesn’t make sense, since it is a summer photo.  Nonetheless we love the way Mark Sanchez looks in anything. 

So here at HS-News we found our own “embarrassing” photo of Rodgers with a vintage 1970’s moustache.  Now you decide who you prefer.