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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 10, 2011

A Government Agency Site is Promoting Vigilante Actions at U.S.-Mexico Border

A Government Agency Site is Promoting Vigilante Actions at U.S.-Mexico Border

Photo: Protect Your Texas Border from the Texas Department of Agriculture

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A Texas website is advocating for residents to take action to secure the state’s southern border themselves rather than relying on the government. They call for the use of land mines and bobby traps, and while this kind of “call to arms” is not uncommon these days, it is uncommon that this is all being said on a state-run website –Texas Department of Agriculture-run to be exact.

The site, protectyourtexasborder.com, was launched last week by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples to give ranchers and farmers the opportunity to share stories, photos, videos, and “tips” on how to handle and drug cartels or undocumented immigrants they come across.

In some cases, the site’s visitors even propose so-called “solutions” to the message boards, often including violent acts such as user jcarrott, who said, “The most well known fighters of our Revolutionary war were not trained, they used hide and shot tactics that would work great today… If we — Americans — start shooting the bad guys, they will get the message!” And even more frightening posts came from users like BTKKilla who said, “Killem all!!!! They are destroying or great country.”

The site is not just a message board. It contains video interviews with local ranchers, farmers, and even law enforcement officials. And at least one night-vision video of a police chase can be seen as well.

Wednesday, State Sen. José Rodriguez (D-El Paso) asked Staples to take down the site, as it has become a forum for promoting violence.

In a letter to Staples, Sen. Rodriguez wrote, “Although I agree that more should be done by the federal government to address border security, this website does nothing more than create a forum that has already been used to promote violence and hate.”

Update: As of Thursday afternoon, it appears that all forum posts on the site have been deleted.