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Latino Daily News

Monday December 20, 2010

Who’s Been Naughty or Nice:  Latin Entertainment Journalists Will Tell You

The Latino Entertainment Journalists Association (ALPE) presented former talk show host Cristina Saralegui with the Trajectory award, and bestowed Cuban raper Pitbull with the “Friend of the press award.” Luis Miguel also received a mention, but not a glamorous one as he got voted “Least amiable” with the press.

Saralegui was honored for her 21 years of service to the entertainment television industry, her 12 emmy awards and the more than 4,000 episodes of her show.

The Friend of the Press Award was given to Pitbull for his kindness and cooperation with the press. The artist wasn’t able to attend the ceremony in Miami, as he had previous commitments, but sent a video thanking members of the Association.

Luis Miguel. Ay, Luis Miguel. His diva attitude and the way he treated and bossed around press staff during the release party for his latest album in Las Vegas earned him the Least Friendly Celebrity Award. 

For those of you who thought that last month’s beef with Shakira was the Colombian hottie’s fault, think again.