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Latino Daily News

Saturday February 12, 2011

9 Illegals Employed by Government

9 Illegals Employed by Government

Photo: Construction Site where illegal workers were found

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A raid at new Orlando VA Hospital this week reveled 9 undocumented workers at the construction site. 

The $665 million project was raided Wednesday night and nine Mexican nationals were found hiding in a crawl space in rafters of the building.  If not for the use of cadaver search dogs and infrared heat seeking technology, the workers would have never been found. 

“They could not get out of that location without assistance,” said Sen. Bill Nelson.  “So the question is who assisted them?”

Although there were three dozen contractors and sub-contractors were working on the project, officials are not releasing which particular company hired the undocumented immigrants for the job. 

Sen. Nelson is using this incident to prove that the immigration system is flawed. 

“What we have here is another example that the system has broken down and American jobs are being taken by those that are not allowed under the law to be here,” said Nelson.