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Latino Daily News

Saturday September 11, 2010

85 Prisoners Escape Mexico Border Prison (VIDEO)

Eighty-five prisoners escaped jail by climbing over the prison fence in the border city of Reynosa, across from McAllen Texas. The escaped prisoners are mainly cartel members; drawing attention to the problems Mexico faces in battling the powerful drug cartels. Police moved in and arrested 40 prison guards and staff who were working at the prison at the time of the escape. Local radio and newspapers report that two prison guards are missing.

Mexican President Calderon has put many resources behind his commitment to clean up the prisons. Charges have included drug lords living in luxury as well as guards allowing the drug lords to come and go at will.

Hillary Clinton said this week that Mexico was beginning to resemble Colombia from 20 years ago. President Obama does not agree with the comparison to a time when Colombian drug lords controlled sections of their country. The border cities in Mexico have lost 75,000 manufacturing jobs this past year, which is making it difficult for Latin America’s second largest economy to pull out of its worst recession since 1932.

President Calderon has said that he will discuss the possibility of legalizing drugs to get the violence under control. Here is an opinion on why this will not work.

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