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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 4, 2011

8 Million Mexicans Gather in Defense of Family Values and to Create a More Civilized Mexico

8 Million Mexicans Gather in Defense of Family Values and to Create a More Civilized Mexico

Photo: 8 Million Lay Catholics Gather in Mexico

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More than eight million Mexican adults and young people who are part of the lay movements and organizations grouped in the Association for Episcopal Laity (DELAI), celebrated their first national meeting earlier this week.  They are proposing as their central theme the defense of the family as a basic social value, that is also able to generate real wealth for the country.

With the aim of reflecting on the real participation in the construction of a freer, responsible and fair society, over 60 movements and associations of lay Catholics around the country gathered to confirm their willingness to work “Juntos por Mexico” (Together for Mexico).

During this meeting, the lay groups decided to commit themselves in order to propose the family as a custodian of values and virtues needed to build “healthy, happy, free, responsible and caring people, to continue to build the civilization of love”. They also signed a manifesto stressing their commitment in the training, education, social and communication field, to build a better Mexico.

The meeting was attended by the presidents of the movement, businessmen, social leaders, university professors, married couples, priests and young people who expressed their point of view regarding the current situation of the country and underlined their commitment to “work together for Mexico “.  For more than ten hours the auditorium of “Centro Universitario Mexico” was the scene of a major Catholic feast, in which testimonies, readings, thoughts, proposals, suggestions and actions were alternated, all proposals to try to create a positive change in Mexican society.

At the end of the meeting Mgr. Javier Navarro Rodríguez, Bishop of Zamora and president of the Episcopal Commission for the Laity, presided the celebration of the Eucharist.