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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 3, 2013

73 Victims of Brazil Nightclub Fire Remain in ICU 1 Week Later

73 Victims of Brazil Nightclub Fire Remain in ICU 1 Week Later

Photo: Brazil Nightclub Fire

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Almost a week after the fire that left 236 people dead last weekend at a Brazilian discotheque, 109 of the injured remain hospitalized, 73 of them in intensive care units, officials said Saturday.

Of the 73 patients in serious condition, 41 of them are on artificial respiration because of the delicate state of their health, while the other 32 are breathing normally, according to a communique from the Health Secretariat of the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Ten of the injured have been released in the last few hours while some patients could be disconnected from their respirators thanks to improvements in their condition, the note said.

The blaze, which occurred in the wee hours last Sunday at the Kiss discotheque in the city of Santa Maria, caused 234 deaths at the scene of the disaster, with another two dying later at different hospitals of the region.

Most of those hospitalized were poisoned by inhaling cyanide, which, police said, was caused by flames burning the soundproofing foam in the discotheque ceiling.

To treat these patients, the United States government donated 140 doses of an intravenous medicine called Cyanokit, which acts as an antidote to cyanide.

The medicine was flown in Saturday to Santa Maria and the regional capital Porto Alegre, cities where most of the injured are hospitalized, and will be administered to patients in the coming hours.