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Latino Daily News

Friday March 11, 2011

73 Dominicans Deported from Greece Arrive Home from via Charter at a $630,000 Cost

The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Dominican Republic (DR) says that 73 Dominicans who were deported from Greece arrived yesterday. They had entered Greece illegally by crossing the Turkish border with a plan to travel to Spain, according to local reports.

Greece paid EUR460,000 ($630,000) to send back 54 Dominican women and 19 men who were under arrest for two months in Greece for illegal entry. The Listin Diario reports that a B767-300 plane was chartered to fly the group back from Athens.

It is the first time Greece chartered a special flight to deport illegal immigrants.  More than 128,000 migrants enter Greece or approximately 400 a day.  They are cracking down on illegal immigration as a result of the country‚Äôs economic woes.

They were escorted by 139 Greek police officers and two doctors on the direct flight to the DR, which took 11 and a half hours. Greek and European Union regulations require that two policemen escort each immigrant.