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Latino Daily News

Friday November 11, 2011

Neighbor Arrested After 6-Year-Old California Boy Lied About Being Abducted

Neighbor Arrested After 6-Year-Old California Boy Lied About Being Abducted

Photo: 6-Year-Old California Boy Lies About by Being Abducted After Neighbor in Arrested

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A young California boy is in serious trouble with not only his parents, but law enforcement officials after he convinced them that someone tried to kidnap him.

Though the reason the 6-year-old lied is unclear, for a number of days he maintained that a man came into the his Monrovia backyard and attempted to take him.

Friday, he told his mother Ashley Barrera and police that a man tried to take him from the yard, but that he fought back, the abductor let him go, and he was able to get away.

The boy’s father, Dominic Barrera initially told local news sources, “Somebody came onto our property into the backyard, grabbed our son, put their hand over his mouth, picked him up kind of like a football and then ran down the block.”

Little did he know that his son had made the whole story up. Even worse, the boy went so far as to make up a description of the alleged attempted kidnapper.

The case escalated to the point that a sketch of the would-be abductor was sent out to news sources and a man was arrested.

The man arrested ended up being the family’s 32-year-old neighbor.

According to a release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, investigators became suspicious of the boy’s story before “it became evident the child was not truthful…about the kidnapping.”

Investigators noticed that key details in the boy’s story were inconsistent with facts related to the suspect.

Officers did not release additional information about the case, only that “some information became available to the detectives that did not corroborate to the story that was related to the detectives by the victim.”

The neighbor has since been released.