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Latino Daily News

Monday July 7, 2014

6 Drownings Reported in Guatemala on Pacific Ocean Beach

Six members of two Guatemalan families, including two children, drowned on a Pacific beach, emergency aid personnel reported Sunday.

According to the Municipal Firefighters, the first incident occurred late Saturday in the village of La Curvina de Chiquimulilla, in the southeastern province of Santa Rosa.

According to reports, a wave washed Damian Armando Cuyan Pop, 8, offshore and his parents, Hector Adolfo Cuyan Sanchez, 26, and Modesta Pop Velasquez, 33, tried to rescue him but all three drowned.

The family lived in the town of Mixco, in Guatemala province.

Meanwhile, in the village of El Cebollito, also in Chiquimulilla, 22-year-old Cindy Hernandez, her 25-year-old husband Elvin Fernando Gonzalez and their 3-year-old daughter - whose name was not provided - drowned in a virtually identical incident.

The family lived in the Paraiso neighborhood on the capital’s northern outskirts.

According to emergency workers, on the weekend waves along the beaches were particularly heavy, reaching up at least 30 meters (about 100 feet) farther onto shore than they normally come and catching people unawares.


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