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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 29, 2014

500,000 Brazilians Affected by Lack of Water

500,000 Brazilians Affected by Lack of Water

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Some 500,000 people suffered from a lack of water in the Brazilian city of Manaos, Amazonas state, following the break of a water main, for which the local city hall decreed a state of emergency, officials said.

The lack of water in part of the municipality, one of the 12 host cities for the World Cup being contested since June 12 in Brazil, is due to breakage caused by an accident to a pipeline that forms part of the Manaos Water Program, or Proama.

On Tuesday a tugboat pulling a raft loaded with sand ran into part of a structure supporting a water main which broke, cutting off the water supply for 33 neighborhoods in the city.

“We have an emergency with the shortage (of water) in the northern and eastern districts. Together with city hall, we are taking measures to contract specialists to reestablish the water supply as quickly as possible,” Amazonas state Gov. Jose Melo told a press conference.

Of the 500,000 people affected, the authorities have succeeded in restoring the supply to 300,000 of them by rerouting the water to another station, while the others are being supplied from wells and tanker trucks.

Manaos was host to four games in the round-robin phase of the World Cup.


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