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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 28, 2013

48 Illegal Haitian Migrants Detained by Puerto Rico

48 Illegal Haitian Migrants Detained by Puerto Rico

Photo: Haitian migrants in Puerto Rico

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A total of 48 Haitian migrants were detained Wednesday by Puerto Rican police when they landed illegally at Isabela, a district on the west coast of the Caribbean island.

Police said in a communique that the immigrants were taken into custody when they landed aboard a boat in the El Pastillo sector of Isabela.

Local authorities said that U.S. Border Patrol agents took charge of the migrants with the intention of repatriating them and that all of them were in good health.

The operation is the fourth such incident reported in recent days in which a total of 100 undocumented migrants have been intercepted, U.S. authorities in Puerto Rico said.

Human traffickers use Puerto Rico’s west coast to bring in undocumented immigrants from Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the homelands of tens of thousands of people presently in the U.S. commonwealth illegally.