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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 7, 2010

42,000 lbs of Mexican Tamales Recalled for not Disclosing Their ‘Whey’ - FOR REAL

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Friday that Diana’s Mexican Food Products out of California had deceived the public by selling 42,000 pounds of chicken tamales without a ‘whey’ label.  There’s the ‘whey’ the Government wants you to know about because it’s a dairy by product and then there’s the ‘wey’ you call someone when you hate them, i.e. Jackass. 

Say it aloud. Diana’s Mexican Tamales are full of whey and the U.S. public needed to know about. 

Sure, we understand that whey is a known allergen, and that ingredients should be on the label. It is the obvious lack of cultural sensitivity, and of course the haphazard phrasing of the USDA sanction what we can’t help but snicker at.  Hey wey you should know we were going to notice you bitching about the whey. 

Maybe we’re splitting hairs here. We don’t mean to, we just find it hilarious when tamales make it to the news, as well as the thought of…………