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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 10, 2013

41 Undocumented Immigrants Captured In Puerto Rico Near Mona Island

U.S. Immigration authorities are reporting the capture of 41 undocumented immigrants near Mona Island, Puerto Rico.  Three of the undocumented were from the Dominican Republic and the rest from Haiti.  There were eight females amongst the group. 

The group apparently made the treacherous journey on a 25 ft wooden boat with one outboard motor and no navigational lights.  They were traveling in the overcrowded boat at night and were spotted by a Coast Guard helicopter near midnight.  The group was intercepted on Saturday, September 6.

When the boat was stopped it was seven nautical miles northwest of Mona Island, Puerto Rico.  Mona Island is the third largest island that is part of Puerto Rico’s archipelago.

All the undocumented immigrants were repatriated back to their country.  Two of the three Dominicans will face charges since they were trying to re-enter the U.S. after being deported.  The two men face a fine and the possibility of 10-years in prison for the immigration violation.

Three days earlier immigration authorities had captured 58 undocumented immigrants in Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico, the majority from Haiti.