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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 18, 2014

400 African Migrants Try to Break Into Spanish Enclave

Roughly 400 sub-Saharan migrants tried Wednesday to scale the barrier separating this Spanish city from Morocco, authorities said.

The attempt to enter Melilla occurred at around 6:15 a.m. at the north section of the perimeter, the Spanish central government’s delegation in the enclave said in a statement.

Approximately 150 migrants made their way over the first of two fences but were unable to breach the second barrier, whose dense anti-climb mesh impedes entry and allows security forces more time to respond.

Moroccan authorities detained the migrants in preparation for their transfer in buses to the country’s interior.

Security forces, backed by helicopters, were deployed after groups of would-be migrants were spotted near the fence on the Moroccan side and succeeded in prevented any people from making their way across the border.

Some migrants were injured, Efe confirmed, although it is not clear how many since none reached Spanish territory.

Four days ago, some 1,000 sub-Saharan immigrants also were thwarted in their attempt to reach Melilla by the new anti-climb fence and the efforts of Spanish and Moroccan authorities.

Both Melilla and Ceuta, the other Spanish city bordering Morocco, have been under tremendous pressure from migrants during the last few months.

Around 500 sub-Saharan immigrants forced their way into Melilla on March 18, taking advantage of dense fog.


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