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Latino Daily News

Monday September 1, 2014

4.5 Ton Fishkill in Jalisco Being Investigated

Environmental officials in the western Mexican state of Jalisco are investigating a fish kill in the Cajititlan lagoon.

Dead fish were first spotted in the lagoon early last week, but officials did not declare an emergency and start investigating the cause until Sunday.

A total of 4.5 tons of dead fish had been removed from the lagoon as of last Thursday, the environmental affairs office in the city of Tlajomulco said.

Fishermen in the area, however, told Efe that between 45 tons and 50 tons of dead fish had been removed from the lagoon in recent days.

“It’s more (than the city government says). Just last Tuesday, we filled nine trucks, one a seven-ton (truck) and the other a four-ton (truck). This is critical,” Cajititlan fishing cooperative president Octavio Cortes told Efe.

This is the fourth fish kill this year in the towns of Cajititlan and Cuexcomatitlan, both located on the lagoon’s shores.


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