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Latino Daily News

Monday April 1, 2013

$338 Million Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada to Pay Neighbors Rent

$338 Million Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada to Pay Neighbors Rent

Photo: Pedro Quezada Powerball Winner

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Dominican immigrant and recent $338 Million Powerball winner Pedro Quezada is going to pay the rent of his Passaic, New Jersey neighbors for a couple of months, one of his close friends announced to the NY Daily News.

The beneficiaries of his generosity are the same neighborhoods on his block that shopped at his bodega which is now for sale.  Over 70 percent of the residents in Passaic are Latino and is also the hometown of actress Zoe Saldana.

Earlier in the day Quezada was in court to pay his delinquent child support of $30,000 and announced to the judge that his three children will live with him and his wife, who is not their mother. 

Quezada was the sole winner of last week’s Powerball.  The father of five has opted to take a lump sum payment with his expected take after taxes at $152 Million.  Quezada beat the 1-in-175 million odds to win the fourth largest Powerball jackpot