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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 28, 2012

33 Pound Tumor Removed from 2 Year Old in Mexico

33 Pound Tumor Removed from 2 Year Old in Mexico

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In Mexico City, Doctors successfully removed a benign tumor weighing a shocking 33 pounds from a 2 year old Durango boy, Jesús Gabriel.  The surgery took place on June 14th at La Raza Medical Center in Mexico City.  It took doctors a total of ten hours to remove the tumor which stretched from the boy’s armpit all the way to his hip. 

According to Dr. Gustavo Hernandez reported by Fox News, the director of pediatrics at La Raza hospital, the boy weighed less than the tumor before surgery at only 26 pounds.  The tumor, which was first detected while his mother, María Edelia Fernandez, was 29 weeks pregnant, has been with little Jesús since birth.  According to Fernandez, Jesús was a normal boy before his surgery.  He did not let the tumor stop him from enjoying things that toddlers enjoy, however it was clear to doctors that the tumor was creating a dangerous malnutrition taking all the boy’s much needed daily nutrients. 

During the long surgery, a total of eight surgeons were present, four anesthesiologists, while eight nurses also attended to the boy.  According to Hernandez, he is in good condition and is improving daily.  The operation, according to the doctor, also marked the first time a tumor larger than the patient was removed in México.